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Terms & Conditions

We guarantee to deliver the best translations, of publishable quality and with full regard for the social and cultural environment in which the text will be published/distributed. For all translation work we will assign the most appropriate translator with the required qualifications, background and experience. All translation work is done to the best of our abilities. However, we do not accept any liability for the consequences of any translation errors. Our financial liability will only be up to the total fee that has been agreed upon, meaning that an inadequate translation may result at the most in the fee not being paid full (see Complaints below). We stress that the receiving client has the full responsibility to check the received translated text before submitting it to art-work or printing or any other process which imply further costs/investments for the client.



delivery time
We deliver up to 5,000 words within 24 hours. For larger documents, we need more time. If a larger translation is urgent, we will charge an additional fee. We always guarantee the agreed delivery time.



price calculation 
The translation price is calculated per-word, based on the number of words in the source text. The target-language may require more words, but this does not influence the price. (For example, English to Spanish translations often yield about 10% more words due to the nature of the two languages). The price is generally higher for documents with German as the source language, due to that language’s long, combined words (for details of current fees, see the price section of the website).



Payments can be made in the agreed currency, by bank-transfer to a Dutch or Bolivian bank account, or by PayPal (all transfer charges are the responsibility of the client). Payment in full must take place within 1 month of delivery of the translation. Any exchange rates involved are the mean value obtained from the web-site on the day of billing.
For some clients a 45-day payment period from delivery of the translation is agreed upon. However, this needs to be explicitly arranged beforehand.



Overdue payment 
After the expiration of the payment period of 1 month (or 45 days if this has been agreed upon) we send a first reminder. If the payment still has not been received 7 days later, we send a second reminder. If payment is still outstanding 7 days after the second reminder, we send a final reminder. From the date of the final reminder (14 days after the initial payment deadline) we start charging 0.5% interest per additional day delayed.



delivery form
The translated document is delivered via e-mail, usually in the same format as the original (including all the illustrations and pictures, if any, in place) unless otherwise instructed.



All documents translated by id est translations are treated as confidential and we never disclose any of the content to others. In some cases we will request permission to use previous translations as proof of our abilities to other clients. Such presentation will only take place with the explicit written permission of the owners of the original.



If the client has any remarks or complaints concerning a translation, id est translations is happy to receive them at the client's earliest convenience, and we will address any issues which we consider reasonable. In such cases, we will have the translation assessed and improved by a second translator or by a native-speaker of the concerned language.



complaint period
Complaints about a translation should be sent as soon as possible. Two weeks after delivery of the translation, no further complaints will be considered. If a client has not communicated any remarks or complaints within this period, the translation is regarded as accepted and full payment is due.