Our History

id est translations is an all-round translation agency with Dutch/Bolivian management, founded in La Paz Bolivia in 2007.

The company was born after our CEO Martijn Kraal was presented with the opportunity to build a translation department within a language school in La Paz – Bolivia. After a couple of years of hard work this became an independent translation agency and by now it finds itself positioned in the market, offering translation services to small and large companies around the world in many language combinations.

Our 14 years of presence in the market provide us with extensive experience in translation aimed at various subject fields and sectors, establishing us as a leading company in the international scope, with a clear work philosophy of responsibility and punctuality.

Our company has extensive availability, since we count on a large group of native language translators with experience in various fields of expertise, which allows us to offer the best results and quality in the services provided.

We focus primarily on English, Dutch, French, German, Danish, Spanish, Portuguese and Italian, but we can provide services in almost any language combination.


Institutional Philosophy


To bridge the linguistic barriers of our clients, providing them with a quality product, efficiency, punctuality and reliability.


To be the leading company in the world of translation and interpretation, being a benchmark for quality, experience and punctuality, providing clients with the certainty that the product they receive will be optimal for the globalized market.


  • To be the first choice as a language bridge between our clients and the world.
  • To provide professional and personalized support, ensuring that the services we provide follow the highest quality standards.
  • That our clients don´t have worry about not being able to reach the world with their product due to the lack of knowledge of the target language.


Why choose us?

Because our team will help you bridge the linguistic gap by successfully taking your product to the globalized market, so important in these times and even more during the pandemic.

Because we provide a personalized and high-level service with the use of specific applications (computer aided translation tools), performing a double quality control to provide the customer with the assurance that the product received will be flawless.

Because we guarantee the delivery of translations in the best publishable quality, taking fully into account the context in which the text will be published / distributed.

Because we will assign the most qualified translators, with the necessary background and experience for every translation task. 

Because our management team is made up of Dutch / Bolivian people who clearly understand the needs and context of our clients of different nationalities.










Our Team

Martijn Roelof Kraal


After translating as a freelancer for a couple of years, I was presented with the opportunity to build up a translation department within a language school in La Paz, Bolivia. After a couple of years this successfully turned into an independent translation agency, and this is where we are now. id est translations now provides translation services to businesses all over the world in many languages.

Carlijn Bes

Project Manager

I’m Carlijn, raised in the Netherlands but currently living in Cochabamba, Bolivia. As a project manager for id est translations, I handle the contact between our translators and clients. Making sure everything runs smoothly is a fun and satisfying job! My background is in cultural anthropology, so working in a multicultural environment fits me well.

Language to me is an important component of culture. It carries connotations of tradition, costume, and appropriate communication within a certain context. It makes people feel understood and connected. I’m therefore proud to be part of id est translations and look forward to building more bridges between our team and our clients. In this way, we can reach more and more people with information in their own language, spreading knowledge and improving our connection to one another.

María Fernanda Pérez Chávez

Marketing & Sales

My name is María Fernanda Pérez Chávez, born in La Paz – Bolivia. I studied architecture and graphic design and now I am dedicated to using all my esthetic knowledge as a tool, which helps me to carry out my work at id est translations.

My challenge is to promote the company at the national scope, at the same level as we have already established it abroad, recognized as a professional and efficient company in the area in which we operate.



My name is Remy. I have a pedagogical background and I currently work as a translator for id est translations. I translate from Dutch – English and English – Dutch. I do this work from Cochabamba, Bolivia where I have lived for about 11 years. I am very grateful for the job and find it very challenging! My mother tongue is Dutch but I am also fluent in Spanish and English.



My name is Salvatore, and since 2004 I have been translating from German, Dutch, English and Spanish to Italian. I specialize in marketing, advertising, technology, logistics and transport, banking, finance, sports (tennis, football, hiking, climbing), medicine (cardiology), mu  sic, art and humanities, literature, general language.

My concern is to provide my customers with “creative” texts that do not sound like mere translations. Adapting the source texts to the culture, syntax and “taste” of the target language is crucial, because, to use the words of Paul Valéry, «Translating is producing analogous effects by different means.

Clientes Satisfechos



It’s always a pleasure to work with id est translations. From the moment of assignment of the project to the moment of delivery, everything runs smoothly and id est translations is always ready to answer any questions or doubts. I can say we built a real friendship over the years we’ve worked together. I’m happy and proud to be part of the IE-team. Thank you for the projects we’ve worked on so far and the projects to come.



I started working as a freelance translator for id est translations immediately after my master’s degree in translation studies. One year later, I began working on research in audiovisual translation at university while continuing my work as a translator. This also gave me the opportunity to teach French language and culture, which included translation, to first and second-year undergraduate students as well as to help organize the 11th edition of the International Postgraduate Conference in Translation and Interpreting which I also chaired. I now put the experience and knowledge acquired throughout the years and through these different experiences to good use in my daily work as a translator. Having lived in France, the Netherlands and the UK, I have a good understanding of these three cultures and their linguistic intricacies.



I’ve been working exclusively on translations for more than 10 years and I’ve been a part of id est translations since my first day. I’ve always felt as part of a team and have always had the company support. At the same time, I have had the opportunity to search for and bring new clients to the company as well as to receive work that’s been entrusted to me by the company. I’m happy to say that I’ve never had an issue with payments, so that gives me a sense of security and that I can rely on the company as a partner. And last but not least it is important to say that it’s very important to work in a friendly environment, where you can speak your mind freely, which is exactly what I have found in id est translations.



I’m a German native speaker from Austria and found my passion in translating as this career contains so much more than just finding corresponding words in another language. One also has to transport emotions, intentions and everything else, which is written between the lines. I have been working for id est since 2014 and the smooth running of division of work and quality control always helped me to fully focus on my core task – making the clients happy.



I’m a German translator, native from Germany – and again living in my home country after years abroad in Poland and the UK. I count on 14 years of experience in translating, proofreading and interpreting in a variety of fields. I have been working for id est for three years. I’m fluent in German, Dutch, English and French.