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CEO and Dutch translator

After translating as a freelancer for a couple of years, I was presented with the opportunity to build up a translation department within a language school in La Paz, Bolivia. After a couple of years this successfully turned into an independent translation agency, and this is where we are now. id est translations now provides translation services to businesses all over the world in many languages.


Sales & Marketing Manager

Apart from ocasional translation projects, I facilitate the promotion, marketing and sales for id est translations. I have a background in IT and Forestry Management, which seems unrelated to this function, though the IT and design knowledge help a lot in the promotion of id est translations through digital mediums. 


Danish/Spanish translator

I'm a native Danish-Colombian translator. I've been working with translations since 2003 and my specialties are IT, software, technical/engineering and biologics. I have my background as an agronomist and I translate Danish/Spanish/English (in any combination).


Portuguese/Spanish translator

I'm a Spanish-English-Portuguese translator with 6 years of experience. I have a Master's Degree in International Business, however in this new career I have specialized in translating technical translations, IT related texts, web pages, legal and medical documents. I am fluent in Spanish, Portuguese and English.


Spanish/English translator

I'm a Spanish-English translator and interpreter with 6 years of experience. My specialties are translating academic/university texts, engineering, mining, IT, technical translations, web pages, legal and medical documents. I am fluent in both Spanish and English. 



Danish/Spanish/English translator

I am a Danish translator working at id est translations while finishing my Master's Degree in Danish and Spanish Translation and Interpretation. I developed a passion for languages throughout my Bachelor in Spanish and Latin American Studies, and the logical next step was therefore a specialization in Translation and Interpretation, allowing me to work with the different aspect of languages at all times. I am particularly passionate about the Spanish language, for which reason living in Cochabamba makes perfect sense and is a great experience. 



German/Spanish/English translator

I am a German translator working at id est translations. I have a Bachelor´s Degree in Multilingual Communication with a specialization in translating and interpreting with a focus  on the English, Spanish and German language. Also, I have undertaken  courses in Comparative Studies of Cultures and Religions. Throughout my education, I have gained experience in the following  areas: Literature, technical, tourism, and marketing related texts. I also have experience in translating audio-visual media  products such as subtitles and in acquiring the theoretical knowledge necessary for doing a proper translation.


Dutch/French/Spanish translator


I am a Belgian agricultural engineer, living and working for over 20 years in South America (Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia and Colombia). I work as a freelance consultant in development business and as freelance translator. I do translations from Spanish and English into Dutch, my mother tongue. I also translate from French, German and Portuguese into English and Spanish. My fields of expertise are environment, engineering, cooperation and general administrative items.


Dutch/French/Spanish translator

I have been translating for id est translations for about 2 years now. At university I specialized first in Foreign Applied Languages in management, IT and law (Université Michel de Montaigne, Bordeaux III), and finished with a Masters in Risk Management in Developing Countries - Latin America and Africa (Institut d'Études Politiques in Bordeaux). I started developing my professional translation skills at university in France in 2003, by translating literary research papers from fellow students and during internships. A year later I had the opportunity of going to a translation institute in Brussels as an exchange student. As of then I have been translating for different people and types of firms, as a hobby and as a profession.


Dutch/Spanish/English translator

I'm a native from Dutch-speaking Belgium, living and working many years in Bolivia, focusing mainly on agricultural and environmental issues. I also have extensive experience in UN environmental conventions, such as the UNFCCC and the CBD. I'm fluent in Dutch, Spanish and English.